Tuesday, September 21, 2010

music picks of the week

some of these have been out for a while, but i've either just gotten around to buying them or i've had them for a while and just got around to listening to them.  here we go...

mumford & sons - "sigh no more"
brandon flowers - "flamingo"
the avett brothers - "i and love and you"
arcade fire - "the suburbs"

i really dig the avett brothers album.  i listen to it when i'm driving and it helps me mellow out.  mumford & sons is different but cool in a quirky way.  definitely not like anything you're hearing on the radio now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


so, this is purely a list of the things i like and the things that irk me. here goes...

good bourbon
cajun cooking
singers who actually sound good live
acoustic guitars
new music tuesdays
sons of anarchy
my beard (before i shaved it off...but it's coming back soon)
football (high school, college AND professional)
standing up for convictions
good friends
my daughter sleeping on me
going to movies with my son
my wife (actually, that's a love)

what irks me
lip synching
french food
religious persecution
bad grammar and spelling
morning radio shows
the designated hitter
nfl overtime rules
bad mexican food
dudes with nose rings
affliction and ed hardy shirts
regis philbin
texas tech

any opinions? what do you like/dislike?

Thursday, September 9, 2010


it's amazing to me, the power of music. in my life, music has been there every step of the way.

one of my earliest memories is putting a hall and oates tape on in my mom's oldsmobile. the only problem was that the tape had been sitting on the dashboard and had melted. we couldn't get the thing out so my mom had to drive to the fire station so my dad could fix it. bad mikey...

in 4th grade, i discovered rap music. it started innocently enough, listening to ll cool j, run-dmc and non-threatening things like that. then in middle school, i traded my dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince tape to my friend ed ashton for a too short tape. who got the better end of that deal?

from then, i was hooked. it morphed into nwa, ice cube, geto boys, etc. and was essentially all i listened to until high school. in 9th grade, i had a rediscovery. i found pearl jam, soundgarden, nirvana, smashing pumpkins and those led to weezer, the breeders, green day and so many more.

i can remember sitting in mrs. brashear's 11th grade english class listening to cannonball and always doing to drumstick intro.

i know some people think of me as a music snob and i take it as a compliment. the funny thing is, i'm really not. i see myself as a less pompous version of rob gordon from high fidelity. i enjoy listening to the jonas brothers alongside joe jackson, miley cyrus next to the killers. however i refuse to listen to that new canadian girl, justine bieber or whatever her name is.

what has music done in your life? do you have a playlist for when you're depressed, like i do? do you still make mixtapes for people (albeit on CD's now)?