Sunday, August 21, 2011

story of my life


1. The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with

sometimes i don't understand why we feel the need to constantly belittle everything we don't agree with.  i do it all the time, and it's something i'm working hard to stop.  is it something we're born with or something we learn?  it's the eternal nature vs. nurture debate, and i can't say what the answer is.

what i do know is that it makes me sick to my stomach when all i hear is complaining and the ones doing the complaining never seem to offer solutions.  they expect someone else to have the answer and all they want to do throw blame around.

i'm all for taking a stand for what you believe in, but do you have to always point a finger when it's not necessarily called for?

boom.  knowledge dropped.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


ahhh, if i could only get my toes in the water and my ass in the sand, things would be just about perfect.  i am loving life, i'll tell you that much.

things change when you start to look at life differently.  of course, a lot of that comes from the fact that i am literally a new man.  i've lost a small, adult woman.  that is to say, i am roughly 95 pounds lighter than i was at this point 5 months ago.  i have a new lease on life, and it's funny how that will make a man appreciate the little things.

i've been to new orleans and galveston the last two weekends on distinctly different vacations.  new orleans was to get away for my 11th anniversary with the most beautiful woman i've ever laid eyes on.  and we got to go with two of our best friends in the world, to help us share the occasion.  it was a wonderful weekend of drinking, eating and sightseeing.

galveston was the family vacation, with my 2 little hellions.  i love those kids more than life itself, but i think they were specifically programmed to find my last nerve and jump up and down on it.  having said that, it was still awesome getting to spend time with them away from home.  they love it anytime we get to leave the city, so they had a blast.  especially when they got to go to schlitterbahn and moody gardens.

and this weekend will be an entirely different getaway, as i head to college station for my annual fantasy football draft with my best friends.  this will be daddy and his stupid friends time.  hopefully nobody gets arrested.  just kidding, honey.  i hope.

so, there is a distinctly positive outlook on the horizon.  life is good today.  life is good today...