Tuesday, December 28, 2010

best of 2010

we're almost done with 2000 plus 10, so i thought i would join the masses and release the list of my favorite (since they're my favorite, they are most definitely the best) music, movies and TV of the past year.  buckle up, and here we go...

-"brothers" by the black keys
-"sigh no more" by mumford and sons
-"contra" by vampire weekend
-"recovery" by eminem
-"the suburbs" by arcade fire
-"my beautiful dark twisted fantasy" by kanye west
-"high violet" by the national
-"teflon don" by rick ross
-"sea of cowards" by the dead weather
-"come around sundown" by kings of leon

-the social network
-the kids are alright
-kick ass
-winter's bone
-the town
-toy story 3
-the fighter
-black swan
-true grit

-mad men
-the walking dead
-it's always sunny in philadelphia
-sons of anarchy
-modern family
-30 rock
-breaking bad
-friday night lights

there you have it.  any thoughts?  just remember, if you disagree it doesn't mean that i'm wrong...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

why i like john mayer

well then, the title says it all doesn't it?  i am not ashamed to admit that i'm a john mayer fan.  i own all of his recordings and i celebrate his entire catalog.  obviously, some of his stuff is better than others.  and continuum is one of my favorite cd's.  ever.  go ahead, give it a listen.  i'll wait.  actually, i don't have that kind of time so you'll just have to take my word for it.  anyhoo, on to the list...

1. he collects watches.  not just any kind of watches - rolex watches.  yeah, he's rich.

2. he dumped taylor swift.  probably because he realized how freaking annoying she is.  why do teenage white girls have such awful taste in music.  between her and bieber, they should probably just stab their eardrums because it's essentially the same as listening to that crap.

3. he plays a mean guitar.  really mean.  i'm talking like ari gold mean.  and it's not just pop.  check out his blues records, they're pretty killer.  did i mention continuum is badass?  i did?  okay, moving along...

4. he has a dope sleeve tattoo.  i want one.

5. he romanced aniston, love hewitt, simpson (in her prime) and who knows who else.  i'm impressed.

6. he is funny.  check out his appearance on chappelle's show.  classic.

7.  he's the same age as me.  that makes him cool in my book.

i'm sure there's more, but i'm tired and i don't want to write anymore.  bottom line, if you don't like john mayer, you're dumb.  but we can still be friends.  maybe.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

all i want for christmas

since we're in december, i figured it's time to post my list of my 10 favorite christmas movies of all time.  most of them are newer (within the last 25 years or so), only because old movies tend to suck. the truth hurts...

so here we go (in no particular order):

1. bad santa - the funniest and most crude entry on the list, in my opinion.  billy bob was in rare form and the fat kid was awesome.  billy bob eating all the advent calendar candy and replacing it with tic-tacs and candy corn was awesome.

2. trading places - not really a true christmas movie, but it took place around the holidays and dan aykroyd was great when he was piss drunk in his dirty santa suit.

3. national lampoon's christmas vacation - it gave us this classic: "You checked our sh*tters, honey?"

4. a christmas story:  everyone's seen it a million times, but it's an all time classic.  

5. miracle on 34th street - the only old movie on the list, and only because it really is a christmas classic.  seen the remake, but it's crap.

6. love, actually: probably my favorite of them all.  again, not a true christmas movie but it's very funny and has multiple arc going, all related.  and i have a thing for laura linney.  deal with it.

7. the santa clause - just because it's one i can watch with my kids and enjoy.

8. gremlins - one of my earliest "theater" memories.  my dad took me to see it and i wanted a mogwai for christmas.

9.home alone - macaulay culkin at his finest.  not that that's really saying a lot.

10. elf - "santa! i know him!"

10.1 scrooged - just because smarmy bill murray is one of the greatest things about movies.