Saturday, September 10, 2011

a moment to reflect and to remember...

september 11th, 2001 was a day that changed our world. i was 23 years old, out of college for a little over a month and not sure what to do with my life.  the world was in front of me, and over the course of the next few hours everything would change.

i woke up and turned the tv on and couldn't believe my eyes.  to this day it hurts to even think about the images i saw and what they meant.  i lost a lot of my innocence that day, but i also learned a lot about humanity and the strength of a nation that won't back down from any challenge.

i don't think i can truly out into words how proud i am to be an American, about how proud i am that we live in a place where we can think and say what we want.  we may not always agree, but at the end of the day, we're all Americans and we all want what's best for our great nation.

i hope that tomorrow you're able to tell a veteran, police office, or fireman how proud you are of the job they do; how without the sacrifices they make, we wouldn't be the country that we are.

this is my thank you.  i am forever grateful for the honorable job you do and for the oath you all have taken to protect us from harm and fight for our rights.  God Bless America.

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