Wednesday, May 25, 2011

roll away your stone

it's been a while.  glad to be back, though. i chose this title for a couple of reasons - first, it's a great song by one of my favorite new(er) bands; and second, it's kind of a metaphor for opening up to life.

i got a message from a friend of mine this morning asking some basic questions about my surgery and if i regretted anything. as someone who has struggled with their weight for their entire adult life, i don't regret anything.

i have tried every diet, taken pills, tried out for reality shows - you name it, i've done it. after struggling all those years, i made the decision to have surgery. some people say i took the easy way out. to them, i say "you try it". i've made huge lifestyle changes because i knew i couldn't do it on my own. i willingly took the fork out of my mouth, so to speak. it was my decision to make a change. it was my decision to know that i'll never be able to eat the same way again.

so, would i do it over again if i had to? you bet your a$$ i would.

i didn't get chosen to be on a reality show. if i had, things might have been different. but i didn't, so i made the choice i had to make, knowing myself and my habits/routines. i saved my life, and i don't care what anybody says or thinks because they don't live my life. end of rant.

so, in summary, i am happy. i would do this again. i am thankful for the prayers and kind words of the people who have supported me. i don't care what the haters say. why? 'cause haters gon' hate...