Monday, March 28, 2011

feeling good...

this weekend was the kind of weekend that i live for. 

it kicked off friday night at a longtime friend's wedding.  it was outside, but it was very mild weather so it wasn't bad at all.  we had a nice time catching up with more old friends and enjoying good food.

saturday, i got to spend some quality time with my baby girl.  i call her my baby, but she's almost 3 now.  i guess i'm the kind of daddy that will always view her as my "baby".  we watched toy story 3 and took an awesome 2 hour nap.  then my mother in law came over so kathleen and i could go to dinner with my oldest friend (oldest as in longest time being friends, not age) mel house and his wife, melanie.  we checked out el real, a new tex-mex place in montrose that's been getting a lot of (well-deserved) hype.  great dinner and great conversation with awesome people.

we had a great morning at church on sunday, discussing john chapter 4. it is really cool to know we are still here after almost a year. though small, we're growing and slowly finding our place.

after church, the family headed to cadillac bar for brunch with our friends jay, katherine and jon.  cadillac bar is my favorite brunch spot and it didn't disappoint.  we came home to rest for a little while, then it was off to baseball practice with my little man.  he's getting so big, i don't know what we're going to do with him.  i'm so proud of him and how far he's come with baseball.

i am truly blessed to live the life i live.  great friends, great family and knowledge that my God is an awesome God makes for peace in an otherwise messy world.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a change is gonna come

it's been far to long since i've been to this neck of the interwebs.  but i'm back and i'm sticking around for a while.  i know i've neglected this by working on other projects, but i realize i have to stay true to myself, so i'm back.

and i'm back with some news.  i'm having bariatric surgery next friday, 4/1.  so in the coming months, there will be a lot less of me.  but still many opinions to be shared.

also coming up, i'll be sharing my list of my favorite female rock bands, more of my favorite songs of all time and whatever else grabs my fancy.  so please stick around and i'll try to do more to make this worth your time.